Our Philosophy

We are facilitators of the sustainable growth of our region through people and business development.

We will:

  • Focus on building organizations one person at a time.
  • Always focus on the business owners and leaders first, because businesses and teams are reflections of their owners and leaders.
  • Always seek win-win. We will get our egos out of the way, be true and connect with our clients to ensure they get the results they deserve.
  • Continually educate ourselves and our clients.
  • Always look for ways to give and add value to those we meet and engage.
  • Be client focused, values lead and results driven.

We are aware that success leaves clues and therefore understand that knowledge alone is insufficient. The application of knowledge and correct principles is what continues to drive us towards excellence and success.

Our Story

My career path led me through the ranks of engineering within a global telecommunications company; Cable & Wireless. Having worked internationally in areas from engineering, to customer service, marketing, and business development, it became clear; my passion was for people and business.

I was able to work within different cultures and functions and came to understand the foundation of building sustainable teams and businesses. As CEO of the Cable & Wireless business in Dominica and Grenada, I was able to truly test my People-Centric Business Growth Model. This began my journey to founding the Caribbean Institute of Leadership & Coaching (CILC).

As Executive Vice President Transformation during the Cable & Wireless to LIME transformation and purchasing and running the ActionCOACH franchise for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, I was able to gather additional evidence and build our Organizational Development Model.

Over the years, I have realized the drive for short-term results and the lack of true focus on sustainable growth by Chief Executives and their teams. We are part of the solution in changing this.

Simply put; we exist to facilitate sustainable growth within the markets we operate through people growth and organizational transformation.

We remain focused on our clients and their needs, led by a clear set of values to deliver results for our clients.

Meet the Delivery Team

“All things being equal, people prefer to do business with people they like. All things being not so equal, people still prefer to do business with people they like.”
Jeffrey Gitomer

Here's a look at our great team and a brief bio of each Delivery Team Member.

M. Ian Blanchard

Founder & Managing Director

Once you meet IanB, you will understand his reason for being. It is so that everyone he meets is better off. This is accomplished by having met them and being in their presence.

Richard Dixon

Business Coach

Richard is a finisher and life-long learner. He is like a sponge and his passion for helping others will become evident as soon as you get the chance to meet him.

Next Steps...

We guarantee our results. Get a copy of our Organizational Development Model or Business Awareness guide or call us at 246-436-1810 to arrange a Free Business Diagnostic.